Jenn and Scott’s Apple Orchard/Barn Wedding

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It’s certainly feeling like fall.  Apples are ripe for picking which reminds me of a very memorable ceremony I did a couple of seasons ago.

Photo Credit: Justine Johnson Photography

Jenn and Scott won me over immediately for a number of reasons.  First of all, they suggested we have our meet and greet over craft beers (I’m a beer snob – and unashamed to admit it) at The Liberal Cup in Hallowell.  Having grown up in Hallowell and still frequenting the coolest-little-city-in-all-the-land for my after hours entertainment, I knew right away that I would like them.  Second, they’re animal lovers and live in a wonderful old farmhouse with an old apple orchard beside the house, so I knew this wasn’t going to be ordinary.

Plan “A” was to hold the ceremony outdoors where guests would be seated on bales of hay and Jenn was to use the rows of apple trees as her aisle.  Plan “B” (in case of rain) was to hold the ceremony inside the two story barn which Jenn and Scott had transformed into their reception area.  I need to digress for a moment or two, here…

The barn was home to their horses.  The horses were moved out of the barn for quite a while as Jenn and Scott prepared the interior to hold their guests.  Tables and chairs were set up, a leather sofa for lounging was brought in, and an impressive bar was made out of the old apple crates on the property.  It was absolutely amazing.  Barn weddings have caught on and I’ve officiated at them before.  But not like this.  Everything about this was authentic, right down to that wonderful smell of hay.  I wish I had photos of it to share because there just isn’t a way to do it justice otherwise.

Photo Credit: Justine Johnson Photography

The weather called for rain on the day of their ceremony.  We watched the hourly forecast and knew that we were cutting it INCREDIBLY close for the apple orchard to serve as the ceremony location.  Just when I thought it had been decided to switch to Plan B, Jenn made the final call to go forward with the outdoor ceremony which was where her heart was set on having it.  As guests began to sit, a light rain began to fall.  With each word I spoke, the rain fell a tiny bit faster.  And yet, when I look at the photos Justine sent, it’s clear that nobody really minded at all.  In fact, as I look through the photos, I find myself drawn to the overcast sky and the way it seems to make all the other colors stand out.

The lesson learned here is that a few sprinkles during an outdoor ceremony are nothing to be afraid of.  One look at the faces in these photographs should be all the proof you need.

Photo Credit: Justine Johnson Photography