12/7/12 – The lucky first!

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In an earlier post, I committed to performing the first Maine same sex marriage booked at no charge.  Needless to say, I was delighted when the subject of rates came up last night during a phone conversation and I was able to advise Melissa and Kristin that their ceremony was complimentary as they were the first couple to book.

Melissa must have thought only the ceremony was complimentary, as she asked what the mileage charge would be.  I told her mileage was also complimentary and then she asked whether I would need overnight accommodations.  I think she might have been a bit skeptical by the time I told her no overnight was needed either.  Free is free ladies!

So…Melissa and Kristin are planning a small and relaxed ceremony on the coast of Rockport on July 27th of 2013.  And they are traveling all the way from Forth Worth, Texas.  They decided a December 29th wedding was not necessary and they could wait until July when it was warmer.  As I sit here wearing three layers of clothing with my space heater turned up on high, I fully understand their reasoning.

Be sure to check back in July for updates and details on their ceremony.  Perhaps they will even pose for a photo to add to the blog.  🙂

Congrats to Melissa and Kristin!  I am looking forward to meeting you both and crossing fingers for the best weather that Maine has to offer on your day!

2 thoughts on “12/7/12 – The lucky first!

  1. Hey, we’re famous! We love free, and we love Maine — I have a feeling that the weather July 27 will be more pleasant in Maine than in Fort Worth. We’re excited about the big day and look forward to meeting you too!

  2. Hi Famous Ladies! I think you’re correct…There’s just no better place to be in the summer than Maine. Now where is that fast-forward-to-July button????

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