Want vs Necessity

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Last week I helped a couple who wanted to quickly get married.  The husband in this case was a veteran and he and his now-wife have two small children.  She decided to join the Air Force and was leaving in a matter of days.  Among all the other tasks to be done before she left was to get married.  They called looking for the easiest and quickest way to make this happen.  My suggestion?  Meet me at the town office.

They arrived a few minutes early, filed their marriage intentions form, and we went into a conference room near the back of the building.  The ceremony was performed in under one minute, the license was filled out and immediately filed.  They waited a few minutes for the clerk to give them their certified copy and the deal was done.  Total time from their arrival at the town office to their departure with their marriage license in-hand?  About 30 minutes.

Marriages usually happen out of want, but from time to time they happen out of want AND necessity.  When the latter is the case, Affirmations can always be counted on to make things uncomplicated.

For those who are planning a more elaborate event, be sure to get your officiant booked soon.  February is the month in which officiant’s summer weekends are filled up quickly.

Happy planning!